• Monday - Thursday 4:00pm – 12:30am; serving food til 10:00pm
  • Friday - Sunday 11:30 - 12:30am serving food til 10:00pm
  • For Take out call 978-281-0223

    sushi starters:

    edamame steamed soybean pods with yuzu salt $5

    seaweed salad hiyashi wakame seaweed $12

  • nigiri & sashimi:

    nigiri: 2 pieces over rice sashimi: 3 without rice

    bincho (alabacore) $6/$9
    escolar 6/9
    hotate (scallop) 7/10
    ikura (salmon roe) 5/8
    maguro (tuna) 7/10
    sake (salmon) $6/$9
    suzuki (striped bass) 6/9
    tobiko (flying fish roe) 5/8
    tuna toro (tuna belly) $MP
    unagi (freshwater eel) 7/10
    uni (sea urchin) 6/9

  • sushi rolls:

    JEFF ROLL sweet potato & avocado topped with avocado, eel & eel sauce $19

    THE G-TOWN ROLL shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese & jalapeno, topped with spicy crab & scallops baked to order,
    finished with eel sauce & scallions $19

    TUNA KING spicy tuna, scallions, tempura flakes & cucumber maki topped with togarashi & sesame oil seared tuna sashimi,
    finished with spicy aioli, eel sauce & jalapeno-red pepper salsa $19

    SLAMMIN’ SALMON salmon, cucumber & avocado, topped with torched salmon, finished with firecracker sauce & white miso glaze $18

    SALMON 3-WAY salmon, jalapeno, cream cheese, tempura flakes & yuzu aioli, topped with baked salmon tossed in a spicy mango puree, finished with ikura & togarashi $19

    FUTOMAKI  tuna, salmon, yellowtail, sea bass & cucumber $18


    Visit www.Latfortythree.com to view our entire sushi menu.

  • sushi for a crew

    TUNA LOVERS COMBO three pieces of tuna nigiri & a tuna avocado roll topped with tuna sashimi, spicy mayo, & tempura flakes $21

    SALMON LOVERS COMBO three pieces of salmon nigiri & a salmon roll with avocado & cucumber topped with salmon sashimi, spicy mayo & tempura flakes $21

    MINGLEWOOD SPECIAL COMBO a trio of fished wrapped Futomaki style & 3 orders of nigiri: tuna, salmon & stripped bass $28

    Visit www.latfortythree.com to view our entire sushi menu.